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Parts view Sea Turtle Bezels & Shells

Sea Turtle Bezels & Shells

$ 11.95

This unique and original mold contains two sea turtle bezels and four teardrop caboshapes (our name for unusually shaped cabochons). The mold comes with instructions how to mold the sea turtle bezel and a teardrop caboshape. The teardrop caboshape can then be to the bezel for a 'shell'.

Beautiful finishes on both the turtle and the teardrop shells can be achieved first by molding with metallic, translucent and pearl polymer clay. Also effective surface finishes are mica powders, millefiori cane slices, rubber stamping, Steampunk and other fun and fancy techniques.

The finish can be high gloss, medium gloss and even matte finish.

Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.
Not For Food!
Below: instructions included with mold to make this project a sea turtle molded in purple clay and the teardrop cabochon molded in metallic gold clay.

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