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PJ055 parts from mold in colored clay

Scissor-Tail Flycatcher

$ 11.95

This long awaited mold has a Scissor-Tail Flycatcher bird in flight and a smaller perching bird. Also included is an assortment of elements that are found in the tops of tall trees where they prefer to nest. Included are leaves, a branch, and a nest.


A Scissor-Tail, in nature, is a soft gray color with very long tail feathers, twice the length of it's body. But, when in flight incredibly brilliant reds can be seen in the under part of the wings and the sides of the body. This bird snatches insects from the air and is invaluable in our farm lands.


B-1  2 3/8” X  3 3/16” (63 X 80 mm)
B-2  ½ X 2 5/16” (15 X 59 mm)
Nest: 13/16” X 1 5/16” (21 X 35 mm)
Branch: 1 1/4” X 7/16” (30 X 10 mm)
L-1  1 1/4” X  (30 X 17 mm)
L-2  9/16” X 7/16” (15 X 11 mm)
L-3  3/8” X 5/16”  (14 X 9 mm)
L-4  7/16” X 5/16”  (11 X 7 mm)
L-5  7/16” X 5/16”  (11 X 7 mm)









The parts can be molded in clay and painted, antiqued, or used as elements in a larger design. They're perfect for embellishing scrapbook pages, frames, and more (free tutorial included).

Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.
Not for Food!

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