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Polymer Clay Candy Corn Earrings Tutorial

Polymer Clay Candy Corn Earrings Tutorial

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Polymer clay Candy Corn created using PJ057 Halloween! Best Flexible Mold

Make your own, lightweight, candy corn jewelry with two of the openings in this mold.  Designed by Chris Crossland of Muskogee OK.
Since polymer clay is lightweight, the molded candy corns can be used for fun earrings (shown left) and other jewelry. Also a frame embellished with candy corn and other designs from this mold would be perfect for a photo of your little Trickster.

Supplies needed:
Materials List:

Mold:PJ057 Halloween! Flexible Urethane mold, or any candy corn mold. You can make your own mold with a material like Amazing Mold Putty and make a mold using some real candy corn. Do not eat the real candy corn after making a mold from it.
Polymer clay: Brand used for this project is Premo. Clay colors: Orange, Cad Yellow, White. Condition all the colors starting first with the white.
Tools : narrow tool with flat end,
Clay Measuring:
a. If measuring clay by guess and by golly, you'll need a polymer friendly ruler like wood or acrylic marked in 1/16ths inches,
b. If measuring with cutters – you'll need circle cutters in these sizes: 3/8”, 1/2” 5/8” & 7/16”, playing cards, roller (can be acrylic roller, smooth glass, etc.)
For Candy Corn Earrings: About 18 to 20 inches of 26gauge dark green or other color wire. A smooth narrow rod, shown is the small Peej pick, two earring loops, and superglue.
Work surface: protect varnished surfaces from contact with polymer clay. Some good work surfaces are: Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles, heavy flat glass, acrylic sheet like the Fiskars® Square Acrylic Ruler set (12 by 12 or 6 by 6 inches), Teflon® baking sheet, wax paper, etc. Polymer clay can damage fine furniture sufaces so be sure to cover these surfaces to protect the finish.
Baking surface: eg. Ceramic or porcelain tiles, card stock, plain index cards
Oven Thermometer: please test your oven to be sure, when heated it is at the temperature shown on the manufacturers packaging. The temperature of small ovens can be off as much as 50° too hot or too cool. If the oven is too cool the piece you are making will not be very strong and could break easily. If using a small electric oven and it gets too hot it could begin to smoke and produce very unpleasant fumes. If this happens unplug and remove the oven immediately from your work area and take it outdoors.
Optional: Pasta Machine dedicated to polymer clay for conditioning clay.

Three pages 24 photos.


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