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Ginkgo Leaves Texture Mat

Ginkgo Leaves Texture Mat

$ 11.95

Laser cut texture mats featuring my own original designs.

The resulting images are crisp and clean.

Ginkgo Leaves Texture Mat creates an OUTIE (Protruding) design. When the mat is pressed into the clay, the ginkgo leaves texture / pattern will be raised (stick out) of the surface of the sheet of clay.

A variety of sizes of Gingko leaves are scattered in this mat. The all-over pattern of ginkgo leaves can be used as a background or select a leaf or two in which to press the clay more deeply for emphasis.
Deeply pressed leaves can be cut out from the background and used singly to embellish jewelry, light switch covers, photo frames and more. The exciting Ginkgo Leaf pendant design by Cris Crossland is shown above left.

This urethane rubber texture mat is for use with polymer clay, metal clay, etc. and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

This laser cut rubber mat is for use with polymer clay, metal clay, etc.

These Flexible Texture Mats are Approx. 5.5 by 3.675 inches. (14 by 9.75 cm) Over 20 square inches!
Not for use with FOOD.


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