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Parts view Fun with Dolphins

Fun with Dolphins

$ 11.95

This polymer clay mold has three dolphins, one large and two smaller ones. The smaller ones can be molded and put together and the seam smoothed to make a solid leaping dolphin charm.

There are also two sea horses, two tiny fish, two tropical fish that are mirror images and can be molded and placed back to back to make a two sided charm. There is also a splash to place under the dolphins.

Sizes, large to small: Dolphins: 2 7/8” x 1 1/8” (75x30mm); 1 3/8” x 1 1/16” (36x28mm) Angel Fish: 7/8” & 3/4” x 1/2” (23x20mm); Tiny Fish: Approx. 5/8” to 3/4” long x 1/2” (17to20mm by 12mm); Sea Horses 7/8” x 3/4” (23x20mm) Splash 7/8" x 5/8" (23x 17mm) Tiny Seashell 3/8" x 3/8" (11x11mm)

 Made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

Not For Food!

Above: instructions included with mold to make this project, a cool dolphin frame.

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