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PJ052 Ethnic Faces and Flowers - Parts

Ethnic Faces & Flowers

$ 11.95

This design has two ethnic faces, one forward facing with embellishments, one profile, a flower and leaf cluster and something new, a fan leaf texture corner.

The central design is a ethnic woman surrounded by hardwood, fan leaf background, vines, and flowers inspired by African flora. Tropical  Plumeria blossoms are joined by Calla Lilies inspired by photos of fields of lilies in South Africa. The central face design alone can be molded for your own application.  The second face is a profile. Also included in the mold is a stylized leaf with a plumeria blossom and a calla lily with leaf for use as earrings, and other pretty applications. The texture corner is a fan like area.   Left: Parts molded in this corner can be reshaped to make pretty dangles like this shimmering fan shape.  

  Shown: Project instructions included "How to colorize the molded lady" using mica powders.




Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

Not For Food!

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