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Center Cut Log Texture Mat

Center Cut Log Texture Mat

$ 11.95

Laser cut texture mats featuring my own original designs.

The artwork design makes OUTIE (Protruding) lines / pattern in the clay.  The circles and lines stick out of the molded part.

This pattern is based on the concentric circle designs found in the center of a cross cut log that has been exposed to air resulting in a rough texture to the end of the log.
The mat can be used as an all-over background or, when deeply molded, can be a stand alone design for rustic jewelry or light switch plate covers.

How to Use with polymer clay:
Make a sheet of clay, second or third thickness on a pasta machine. (about the thickness of a round toothpick) Lightly mist the mat and place the mat onto the sheet of clay. Using a polymer clay roller or brayer press firmly, starting in the middle of the sheet, and roll the roller away from you. Then put the roller back in the center of the mat and roll toward you, pressing the mat into the clay.

Other ways to imprint clay, lay the mat down and put the clay sheet on top of the design mist with water.  Imprint the clay using a roller on the clay as above from the center out.

This laser cut mat is for use with polymer clay, metal clay, etc.
We do NOT recommend this mat for use in a Pasta Machine.

Not for use with FOOD.

These Flexible Texture Mats are Approx. 5.5 by 3.675 inches. (14 by 9.75 cm) Over 20 square inches!

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