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Parts view Cabochons for Settings (Bezels)

Cabochons for Settings (Bezels)

$ 11.95

A unique mold with 15 openings in 10 different sizes. Always trial fit a polymer clay molded part in the desired bezel before baking.

There are four openings of the smallest cab, 7x5mm and three openings of the next to the smallest cab, 8x6mm in order to mold multiples of these two tiny cabochons. 

40x30mm    ---   30x22mm   ---    5x18mm   ---   18x13mm   ---   16x12mm   ---   14x10mm   ---   12x10mm   ---   10x8mm   ---   8x6mm   ---   7x5mm.

Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

Not For Food!

Left: instructions included with mold to make this project, Faux Mokume Gane cabochon.

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