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Using Resin

Best Flexible Molds are made of Urethane Rubber a highly flexible, tough, long lasting rubber.
Our molds are not designed for resin or urethane materials. Resin and Urethane materials can be used in our molds BUT
the molds MUST be properly Released.
Our molds are designed to be push molds for polymer clay. Other materials that can be used in our molds are: Plaster of
Paris, Melt and Pour soap, Paper Clay, UTEE, Eraser Clay and Metal Clays.
If clay builds up in the openings, the molds can be washed by hand in warm, soapy dish water or even in the dishwasher if
the dry cycle is set “Heat Off”.
The molds can be refreshed with a light mist of Armor-All.
Our molds can be used for resin, but they MUST be properly released. After speaking with a tech at the company where
our rubber is manufactured, he told me that --
Yes, our molds can be used with resin with the following requirements.
The openings in the mold must be released with paste wax and it needs to be the kind of paste wax that is used for floors,
NOT the kind that is used for cars. The reason for this is that car wax has water in it. The brand recommended is
Johnson's Paste Floor wax.
If there is water in the wax, the water will cause the resin to bond to the rubber mold and destroy the opening in the mold.
For highly detailed areas, you might use a small brush to release all the details, then use a dry brush to remove any excess
Here is a link to the product that they recommend. One of our dealers bought the tin of paste wax and repackaged it in
small tins. She is selling the small tins of Johnson’s paste wax on her website for her customers who use our molds.
More info: Using Johnson’s paste wax as a release we tested a two part 50/50 resin epoxy and polyester resin (a liquid
resin where a larger amount is sold with a small bottle of activator.). I bought both at Hobby Lobby.
At this time three kinds of resin have been tested. The molds were released using the paste wax listed above.
Magic Gloss, made by Lisa Pavelka.

This material comes in one bottle and is hardened by exposure to a UV lamp, black light or sunlight and does not require a release in our molds. Judi W. tested the Magic Gloss on a mold earlier this year. The resulting hummingbird looked like a
jewel. No release was needed.
Regular Polyester Resin: Available at many hobby stores like Hobby Lobby. This type resin is activated with a few drops
of liquid catalyst. It normally comes in a large container with a small bottle attached. The small bottle is the activator.
This type resin must have a release agent. The rubber manufacturer only recommends SC Johnson’s paste floor wax as a
release agent.

Epoxy resins.
This kind of resin is a 50/50 mix of two materials and usually comes in a package of two equal sized bottles.
Urethanes and Resins MUST have a release agent. Always read the label and never use a wax with water in it as water
will cause the resin and bond to and destroy the mold.
The rubber manufacturer only recommends SC Johnson’s paste floor wax as a release agent
Always read the label and never use a wax with water in it as a release agent for resin as water will cause urethane and or
resin to bond to the rubber, destroying the mold.