Our molds
are made from
Urethane rubber
for Lasting strength.

Molds may vary
in color from
turquoise blue to soft gray.


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Molds are
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Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
Helpful Hints by Terri Sproul

These Best Flexible Urethane Rubber polymer clay molds were made for UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel), the two make a great combination.

1. Melt UTEE in Melting Pot by Ranger™. The Melting Pot should be set at highest setting. The pot has a UTEE setting. After pouring UTEE in Melting Pot put the lid back on the Melting Pot and wait for all of your UTEE to melt.
2. Always mix (using Melting Pot tools) UTEE before pouring into mold. Make sure all of the material is melted.
3. SAFETY FIRST: UTEE is VERY Hot. I place my molds onto a non-stick craft sheet, then carefully pick up Melting Pot by it's handles. THE POT IS ALSO VERY HOT. Slowly pour into mold; do not over fill the mold.
4. Let the mold sit for about 10 minutes. Make sure it is completely cool before you demold. To test UTEE tap a fork lightly on top of mold piece.
5. When the UTEE is set up, turn the mold over to release the molded part.  One of the best things about UTEE is that if you are not happy with the piece, put it back into Melting Pot to re-melt and remold.

additional Hints:

* Clear UTEE will turn an amber color the longer it sits in the Melting Pot.
* If there is left over UTEE still in melting pot – I pour UTEE into as many molds as I can fill (not just the ones I need for project).
* When UTEE is set up, I place any un-needed or imperfect molded pieces back into UTEE container to use next time. Remember it can be melted over and over. NO waste.
* To adhere UTEE pieces together, I have found that Crafter’s Pick Memory Mounts work great. Memory Mounts will adhere a molded piece to paper or molded pieces to each other. It takes a few minutes to dry and will dry clear.
* After piece is set up you can add additional color by using rub-ons, inks, Prime Elements, Etc..

Well, I hope you enjoy working with Best Flexible Urethane Rubber Molds and UTEE as much as I do, these two work well together.

Let the creative juices flow or melt.

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